Michelle & James

Intimate Wedding Italy, Castello Odescalchi Bracciano Lake

Wedding Castello Odescalchi

Michelle and James organized their wedding in Italy and chose Bracciano, a town built near a lake in the province of Rome. They prepared themselves in a private villa and the ceremony took place in a garden in the Odescalchi Castle which is built on the top of Bracciano. Shortly before the ceremony there was a thunderstorm but the wedding planner was able to coordinate everything very well, so the ceremony could be done outdoors and at the end the typical rice throwing in Italy followed. Guests were able to enjoy dinner inside the Odescalchi Castle hall, the moment of speeches was as exciting as the ceremony.
The wedding in Italy of Michelle and James was a real success, the photographer Igor Demba was a true professional I found myself very well working with him, for me it was a real pleasure to tell the story of this wedding in Italy

Wedding Italy


Castello Odescalchi